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The Knee Jerks Podcast - Eno, Nick and Big Al

Dec 28, 2022

Detroit sports bloggers and podcasters Greg Eno and Big Al Beaton are The Knee Jerks!

Our Christmas gift to you is a new episode The Knee Jerks Podcast! This week we go around the horn and cover all four Detroit teams - Lions, Pistons, Tigers and Red Wings, with a little college football thrown in.

We have one programming note. We won't ring in 2023 until Tuesday, January 24th as Al will be out of town.

This week's topics include:

The Lions reverted to their SOL persona at the worst possible time in a discouraging loss to the Panthers.

As Dan Campbell's said, the Lions "Got their face kicked in."

With a win the Lions could have controlled their playoff destiny and been locked in to the post season by New Years Day. Instead, the loss means the Lions have to win out and need all kinds of help to have even a 20% chance at the Wild Card.

Anyone who thinks an NFL rebuild should take more than 2-3 years is being gaslit. In 2023 the Lions HAVE to make the post season.

Despite fans demanding more snaps, the Lions staff doesn't believe rookie wide out Jameson Williams is ready. It's a lost season for him, and it's no one's fault.

On Monday night, up 14 with 3 minutes to play, the Pistons were outscored 30-5 by the Clippers in the final 8 minutes of regulation and OT. The 142-131 loss is the worst of the Dwayne Casey/Troy Weaver era, giving fuel to the anti-Casey contingent.

The Pistons are just too young to seriously compete in the NBA.

With most free agents off the market and the hot stove freezing cold, Tigers' GM Scott Harris’ strategy seems to be picking up players who are coming off a down season, are low risk and cost, but have a pedigree. In other words, he's throwing shit at the wall in hope something sticks, churning the bottom of the 40 man roster, crossing his fingers a player or two hits.

The new paradigm in MLB is giving top free agents ridiculously long contracts to keep the AAV down.

Don't ever let an MLB owner cry poor, no matter their record or market size. They are raking in cash hand over fist. 

Alex Ovechkin recently passed Gordie Howe for number 2 on the NHL's all-time goals list and is just 92 back of Wayne Gretzky. But when you factor in WHL and playoff goals, Ovi is almost 200 goals behind Mr. Hockey and the Great One.

We also play the Birthday Game and name our respective Jerk of the Week!

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