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The Knee Jerks Podcast - Eno, Nick and Big Al

Jul 15, 2019

 Long time Detroit podcasters and bloggers Greg Eno and Al Beaton are The Knee Jerks!

It may be hotter than Hell outside here in Detroit, but Greg and Big Al have even hotter takes this week! 

Along with playing the birthday game and naming the Jerks of the Week, topics include: 

GM Al Avila awarded a contract extension: Despite the Tigers being on pace for a 2nd straight 100 loss season, losers of 24 of 27 at home and Avila still under contract for next year, owner Chris Ilitch bestowed Detroit’s GM a multi-year contract extension (no terms announced) just before the All-Star break. During a press conference, Avila called this season "the darkest hour," which no fan denies.

Jim Bouton passes away at the age of 80: Bouton's book "Ball Four" changed sports and sports literature forever. The book was also hugely influential to a pair of 1970s teenagers named Greg and Al.

Steve Yzerman cleans house in the Red Wings' scouting department: Former head of scouting Tyler Wright joins Ken Holland in Edmonton, while former Grind Line member Kris Draper is expected to take over in Detroit.

Goodbye to the Joe and Palace: As Joe Louis Arena is being demolished, it was announced the still state of the art Palace of Auburn Hills will be razed, replaced by a mixed use development. At least neither building will linger like Tiger Stadium or the Silverdome. 

Scheduling note: The Knee Jerks will be off till August 11, as Al will be on the beach sipping gin and tonics two weeks from now.

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