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The Knee Jerks Podcast - Eno, Nick and Big Al

May 17, 2023

Detroit sports bloggers and podcasters Greg Eno and Big Al Beaton are The Knee Jerks!

In our last podcast before we celebrate our 14th anniversary as The Knee Jerks, we run the Detroit sports gamut. This week is all things Lions, Red Wings, Tigers and Pistons. You'll also get our real time reaction to the Pistons' worst case draft lottery scenario coming to fruition.

This weeks topics include:

The Lions 2023 draft class ignites a massive "positional value" debate within the media and fan base. 

The NFL's 2023 schedule gives the new look Lions both the benefit of the doubt and a great deal of respect, with 4 prime time games. This first of which kicks off the 2023 season, a Thursday night game in Kansas City. 

The Red Wings received no draft lottery luck...again. The Wings will pick 9th overall, making Steve Yzerman's search for an impact scoring center or winger that much harder.

What's the current state of the Tigers? Well, Sparky Anderson famously declared, "You can't tell anything about a baseball team until 40 games have been played." The Tigers reached game 40 tonight and are hovering near .500 at 19-21.

The Tigers have a major conundrum - what to do with starting pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez? E-Rod is currently pitching like a Cy Young candidate, and will almost assuredly opt-out of his contract. So do the Tigers trade him, or try to negotiate a new contract?

The Pistons had the absolute worst case scenario go down during the NBA's draft lottery. Despite having the worst record in the NBA, they will have the 5th overall selection. It's an absolute gut punch to a long suffering fan base. 

Draft lotteries are too punitive to teams that don't win, and are a solution to a problem that didn't really exist. 

Meanwhile, there's been no news in what's been an underwhelming search for a new head coach, with an even more underwhelming Kevin Ollie reportedly the favorite to get the gig.

We also play the Birthday Game and name our respective Jerk of the Week!

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