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The Knee Jerks Podcast - Eno, Nick and Big Al

Sep 9, 2021

Long-time Detroit sports bloggers and podcasters Greg Eno and Big Al Beaton are The Knee Jerks!

The Summer of The Knee Jerks was nearly derailed by life and Mother Nature, forcing us to miss a show. But we return with vengeance, featuring a very special guest - long time Detroit Red Wings play-by-play broadcaster Ken Kal. Ken previews the coming season and talks of the difficulties broadcasting hockey during a pandemic.

The second half of the show includes: 

Miguel Cabrera finally joins the 500 home run club. You can respect the accomplishment, but not necessarily the man.

An aggressive AJ Hinch minces no words in laying the groundwork for attracting free agents to Detroit

The Tigers shake up their front office, becoming younger and even more analytically minded.

A trade with the Nets gains the Pistons a roster spot and replenishes their draft picks, but it's also end of the short-lived Sekou Doumbouya era.

The Lions lean into their youth movement, now have the second youngest roster in the NFL

Goodbye and good luck, Don Muhlbach

Greg calls out Al Leiter and John Smoltz for living in an anti-vax "Stupidville." Al can't believe the stupidity shown by four players on the Argentinian Wold Cup qualifying team who were caught lying about following Brazil's quarantine rules, resulting in their match being stopped by authorities and the players deported.

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