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The Knee Jerks - Eno and Big Al

Aug 26, 2019

 Long time Detroit podcasters and bloggers Greg Eno and Al Beaton are The Knee Jerks!

This week Eno (now known as The Chosen One) and Big Al (still known as Big Al) call out Andrew Luck haters, NFL exhibition games, Justin Verlander, the Houston Astros, clueless fans, and Andre Drummond - hot takes for all tastes! Along with playing the birthday game and naming the Jerks of the Week, topics include: 

Andrew Luck retires, Indy fans overreact, and unlike the Detroit Lions with Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson, the Indianapolis Colts won’t go after Luck's signing bonus money.

Lions lose 2 starters to injury in 24-20 exhibition loss to the Bills. The 4 game NFL exhibition season sucks, no longer serves a purpose and needs to be blown up.

Tigers are 50 games under .500, but are finally phasing in prospects while doing so, making the end of the season far more interesting for fans.

Justin Verlander comes off looking extremely petty in barring Detroit Free Press beat writer Anthony Fenech from the Astros clubhouse. MLB need to do more than slap the hands of the Astros for enabling Verlander and violating the CBA. For that matter, fans who sided with Verlander really don't have a clue.

Andre Drummond all but confirms he’ll decline the player option
on his contract. But is he worth a max contract? Barring a breakout season, all signs point to "no"

Son of Swami calls out the BS that is the high school recruiting/AAU/single sport training industrial complex. 

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