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The Knee Jerks Podcast - Eno, Nick and Big Al

Jun 3, 2019

Long time Detroit podcasters and bloggers Greg Eno and Al Beaton are The Knee Jerks!

Eno and Big Al start season 11 by covering all angles of John Beilein leaving the University of Michigan for the Cleveland Cavaliers, former Fab 5 Wolverine Juwan Howard taking over at  Michigan, the Detroit Tigers' season going (as expected) off the rails and Calvin Johnson putting a price tag on becoming an ambassador for the Detroit Lions. 

Along with playing the birthday game and naming the Jerks of the Week, topics include: 

After flirting with the Detroit Pistons last year, the winningest head coach in Michigan MBB history unexpectedly leaps to the NBA. Why did John Beilein leave Michigan? It starts with the cesspool that is recruiting.

After a 9 day search, Michigan AD Warde Manuel replaced Beilein with Miami Heat assistant coach Juwan Howard.  Despite his having interviewed for NBA head coaching jobs, with his resume would Howard have gotten the job if he wasn’t a Michigan alum?

The month of May didn't agree with the Detroit Tigers, exposing just how awful tanking can be for a fanbase. The current roster likely doesn't have a single player who will be here when the team becomes a contender.  

Speaking of tanking, so is the Tigers' attendance. 

Speaking of tanking, it's become an ugly scene in the American League, where 2/3 of the teams are not bothering to compete. Barring a miracle of epic proportions, the 5 AL playoff teams were set in place by Memorial Day. 

Once again Calvin Johnson and the Detroit Lions are bickering about Megatron paying back a portion of his signing bonus. Neither side looks good. 

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