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The Knee Jerks Podcast - Eno, Nick and Big Al

Aug 3, 2023

Detroit sports podcasters Greg Eno, Big Al Beaton and Nick Milanovich are The Knee Jerks!

It's a new era of The Knee Jerks Podcast as Nick officially joins the show as the Third Jerk! 

This week our returning guest is Detroit Red Wings broadcaster Ken Kal. Ken joins us for his annual Red Wings season preview, discussing the Wings off season moves, updates us on his off season activities, and tells more stories about his longtime color man Paul Woods, one involving a ceiling tile! 

In the second half of the show, we cover the Detroit Tigers and their unexpected trade deadline hijinks and how the imminent demise of the PAC 12 will change the college sports landscape for the worse. 

This weeks topics include:

What in the HELL happened with the Eduardo Rodriguez trade? It blew up in the face of the Dodgers, Tigers and especially GM Scott Harris.

Who is to blame? Does it all fall on Harris? Did  E-Rod blindside the Tigers?

Was there no backup plan?

Is there any way the Tigers could save face? Seems the only way would be if E-Rod opted-in to the final 3 years of his contract, which seems far fetched at best. 

On the flip side, the Michael Lorenzen signing, ultimately resulting in a trade for a solid prospect, could not have gone any better for the Tigers. 

Does Harris' first trade deadline with the Tigers earn a failing grade? 

With Colorado leaving for the Big 12, the remaining Four Corner schools (Arizona, Arizona St and Utah) looking to join the Buffs, the PAC 12 looks to be on life support. Five years ago a college sports landscape without the Conference of Champions was unimaginable. Now, it's hard to see a way the conference survives.

We also play the Birthday Game and name our respective Jerk of the Week!

Scheduling note: Greg is off on vacation, so the next show will feature Al and Nick, going live on Tuesday, August 15

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