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The Knee Jerks Podcast - Eno, Nick and Big Al

Dec 1, 2021

Long-time Detroit sports bloggers and podcasters Greg Eno and Big Al Beaton are The Knee Jerks! We're back after a short pre-holiday hiatus with the Tigers, Lions and college football on an overstuffed menu.

This week's topics include:

Tigers fans wanted free agent Carlos Correa as their new shortstop. But the Tigers didn’t want to pay Correa's 10yr/$300M plus price tag, so the fans get Javier Baez for 6yr/$140M instead.

Despite the numerous red flags (he's an undisciplined free swinger with an alarming K rate, refuses to take a walk, and an athletic profile which may age badly), there is no doubt the extremely talented Baez is a huge upgrade at short.

In an  analytics driven free agent signing, the Tigers added LHP Eduardo Rodriguez to their rotation.

Tigers fill another roster hole by trading for the Reds' Gold Glove winning catcher Tucker Barnhart.

Why the flurry of player signings? The owner's lockout deadline looms. The last thing baseball needs is labor armageddon.

The Lions are 0-10-1 and Dan Campbell is no longer biting kneecaps.

Despite his 6 year contract, Campbell deserves to be fired. Won't happen, because the Lions are the poster franchise for the Sunk Cost Fallacy.

The Rams' Matthew Stafford is struggling as games become more important.  Rams fans may be shocked, but it's deja vu for Lions fans.

Why many love college football - Rivalry weekend was insanely entertaining.

Why college football is broken -  The coaching carousel spun out of control as Power 5 schools threw hundreds of millions of dollars at coaches. But players wanting the ability to transfer and make a little coin off of NIL rights is what will change college football as we know it...

Greg calls out the over-the-top, hand-wringing comparisons to Malice at the Palace after Isaiah Stewart wanted to throttle LeBron James for giving him an 8 stitch gash. Big Al is thrilled Kelly Stafford has taken her entitled, pretzel throwing, "Michigan is a dictatorship"  antics to LA, joining other west coast based Karens. 

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