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The Knee Jerks - Eno and Big Al

Jul 28, 2021

Long-time Detroit sports bloggers and podcasters Greg Eno and Big Al Beaton are The Knee Jerks!  

There's plenty to cover during this Summer of The Knee Jerks, including the NFL vs. anti-vaxxers (for once, we're actually rooting for the NFL), Steve Yzerman going HAM on the rest of the NHL, Texas and Oklahoma exit the BIG 12, turning it into a mid-major conference overnight, and the Tigers finding themselves in dangerous roster waters as the trade deadline looms. This week's topics include:

NFL goes all in on heavy restrictions on those who aren't vaccinated and will impose severe monetary penalties upon players if games are cancelled due to an outbreak. If a coaches and players are anti-vaxxers, they are putting their team at a significant competitive disadvantage. 

In a hectic couple of weeks, Red Wings' GM Steve Yzerman preys on other team's weaknesses in order to snag a possible goalie of the future and a top 4 defenseman in trades, rebuilds the defense and goalie prospect pipelines in the draft and elects to move on from a former first round draft pick in the expansion draft.

The BIG 12 seismically implodes as Texas and Oklahoma bolt to the SEC, ushering in another round of conference realignment and greasing the skids for super conferences. As always in college sports, football, TV networks and lots and lots of money take :precedence over tradition, students, fans and academics.

When asked about his plans for the MLB trade deadline, Tigers' GM Al Avila said, "We're not rebuilding anymore. We're building." Unfortunately, his most attractive trade pieces are dealing with significant injuries. 

 As the trade deadline looms, the Tigers have decisions to make about the future of Johnathan Schoop, Jeimer Candelario, and numerous bullpen arms. 

Greg is pissed at a homophobic and misogynistic moron (who happens to be a former US President) for actively rooting against the "woke" USWNT in the Tokyo Olympics. Al points out the hypocrisy of Stanford head football coach David Shaw calling out Alabama QB Bryce Young for raking in serious coin off his NIL rights despite Shaw raking in tens of millions of his own off of the labor of previously uncompensated players.  

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