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The Knee Jerks - Eno and Big Al

May 6, 2019

Long time Detroit podcasters and bloggers Greg Eno and Al Beaton are The Knee Jerks!

Eno and Big Al return from Easter hiatus to run the gauntlet of Detroit sports! From welcoming back Steve Yzerman to the Detroit Red Wings and saying goodbye to Ken Holland, asking why the Detroit Tigers' Miguel Cabrera has turned into a crazy talking, finger pointing slap hitter, to why the Detroit Pistons think their roster learned anything from being embarrassed by the Milwaukee Bucks over a 4 game sweep, while touching on the Detroit Lions' draft, AKA the NFL Draft Industrial Complex. 

Along with playing the birthday game and naming the Jerks of the Week, topics include: 

Steve Yzerman returns as GM and the Red Wings' savior So what happens to Ken Holland? Rather than take a cushy advisor gig with the Wings, he moved on to the Edmonton Oilers' GM job.

Why would a rebuilding Wings team even want a 41-year-old Pavel Datsyuk to return for one last hurrah? 

36-year-old singles hitter Miguel Cabrera throws teammates under the bus, claiming a lack of (mythical) lineup protection iswehy he's no longer hitting for power.

Matthew Boyd, ace? 

Casey Mize, Matt Burroughs, Alex Faedo are making noise at Double A Erie, but the Tigers' farm system still badly needs impact bats if they want to start competing in a couple of seasons.

The Detroit Pistons organization claim the their young players needed to learn how to compete at a higher level, so it was worth getting embarrassed 4 straight games on national TV. And where was the anger over being pantsed by the Bucks? 

The Detroit Lions drafted a bunch of guys, and who the Hell really knows who will actually be good? Regardless of that fact, "experts" still grade the draft immediately after the fact, which is nothing more than a fool's errand.

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