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The Knee Jerks Podcast - Eno, Nick and Big Al

Nov 19, 2018

Long time Detroit podcasters and bloggers Greg Eno and Al Beaton are The Knee Jerks!

Along with playing the Birthday Game and naming our the Jerk of the Week, this week's topics include:

Lions earn a meaningless win over the Panthers thanks to a failed two-point conversion. 
Kerryon Johnson injures his knee, making an already inconsistent offense one-dimensional.
Matt Patricia's ridiculous prepared statement about practicing in bad weather and his obvious disdain for the media just makes him look small and petty. 
GM Bob Quinn needs to speak to the media, even if it isn't the "Patriot Way." 
The bloom is off Matthew Stafford, while Jim Bob Cooter is a dead coach walking.
The Tigers could accelerate the rebuild by investing in the right free agents, but look to be all in on another season of tanking. 
Tigers biggest offseason decision? To keep or trade Nicholas Castellanos and Matthew Boyd.
The Red Wings are the hottest team in hockey. Unfortunately, it's not sustainable. 

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