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The Knee Jerks - Eno and Big Al

May 20, 2019

Long time Detroit podcasters and bloggers Greg Eno and Al Beaton are The Knee Jerks! This week Eno and Big Al celebrate a decade of podcasting with some of our favorite guests!

Segment 1: Linda Murray Hofmans of the Jim Murray Memorial Foundation. Linda gives us the latest news from the Jim Murray Memorial Foundation on the 20th anniversary of awarding sports journalism scholarships.

Segment 2: Matt Hutter talks Detroit Red Wings. Matt, our fellow sports blogger from the wild west days of the mid 3000s and former Red Wings insider, joins us from Oregon to give his thoughts on the Wings' off season and the NHL playoffs.

Segment 3: Ray Scott, former ABA/NBA player and Pistons head coach. Our favorite old-school NBA player/coach joins the show to talk Detroit Pistons and the scourge that is tanking. 

Segment 4: Former ABC/MSG/Detroit broadcaster Bob Page of the No Filter Sports Podcast. The always incendiary Bob Page tells tales of his latest venture - The No Filter Sports podcast with Eli Zaret and Denny McLain, and dipping his toes into Twitter, along with giving his thoughts on all things sports.

Segment 5: Author Earl Shores. Earl has penned a new, non-sports related book - "Playland: Greetings From Ocean City"

"Author Earl Shores was lucky enough to land a job in the park for the summer of 1980. At first, this position seemed like the most perfect job in the world. Running the rides on warm summer nights as the park’s flashing lights and the squeals of happy children filled the air was a fantasy.

But little did Shores realize that his Playland summer would turn out to be the roller coaster ride of his life."

You can find "Playland: Greetings From Ocean City, Maryland" at all major booksellers.

Segment 6: A thank you to EVERYONE who has played a part in the show - listeners, guests, family and friends!

Plenty has changed over the past decade and there will be more change over the next 10 years, but regardless of what come next, we still plan on doing the show!

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