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The Knee Jerks Podcast - Eno, Nick and Big Al

Aug 30, 2023

Detroit sports podcasters Greg Eno, Big Al Beaton and Nick Milanovich are The Knee Jerks!

Greg is back from his tour of the state of Michigan. So the three headed monster known as The Knee Jerks are back in full force to discuss the latest in Detroit sports. 

One programming note - The Knee Jerks Podcast is back to recording twice a month, with a new show released every other Tuesday night. 

This week our topics include:

With the emergence of Riley Greene, Spencer Torkelson, Kerry Carpenter and now Parker Meadows, the Tigers may have a young core of position players to build around for the first time since the core of the 1984 team were called up in the late 70's. 

Catcher Eric Haase is DFA'd, replaced by Carson Kelly. Haase was a nice guy, but if he isn't hitting home runs, he's expendable.

Is there anything the Tigers can do with Javy Baez, the $98 million left on his contract and his league worst bat? The Tigers and their fans have to accept for the next 4 years the franchise essentially has Eddie Brinkman as their shortstop.

The vast majority of Lions starters didn't play a single snap in their 3 exhibition games. Was it the right decision? After seeing Nate Sudfeld tear up his knee in a meaningless game, the answer is YES.

As relief pitching was to Dave Dombrowski, kickers are to Brad Holmes. After nearly 4 decades of elite placekicking, today's Lions feel adrift at the position as they look for trade options. 

Michigan's Jim Harbaugh had a lot on his mind during his recent presser. First and foremost was making a case for NCAA players getting a share of the massive amounts of TV revenue the schools make of the backs of their labor. Good idea, but that also opens a Pandora's Box of problems that could never be solved without blowing up the current system.

Plus we play The Birthday Game and name our respective Jerk of the Week!

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